What is Novak Academy?

Novak Academy is an alternative, project-based classroom setting for high school students. Students attend 3 1/2 classes during five, 7-week semesters (or sessions) a year.

Students move at a fast pace through the curriculum and are given the opportunity to earn credits using the APEX online curriculum and/or direct instruction.

Who needs Novak Academy?

  • Students who may not be fitting into the "big school" environment
  • Students who need smaller classrooms and student-teacher ratio.

Who is eligible to attend Novak Academy?

Students who have completed their first year of high school and have been an active Central/Centennial student for at least one semester are eligible to attend. Students must have no severe physical and/or behavioral discipline referrals or out of school suspensions during the previous semester.

How does a student get into Novak Academy?

Teachers and Guidance Counselors may recommend Novak to students who might be in need of a different learning environment. Students must then speak with their Guidance Counselors at Central or Centennial to get an application and start the application process.

Novak Academy is...

  • Culturally Responsive
  • Project-Based
  • Individually Oriented

Novak Academy is not...

The R.E.A.D.Y. Program, ACTIONS (an alternative to suspension program) or a "behavior school".

Our History

Novak Academy was created by Champaign Unit 4 School District in efforts to provide a supportive and engaging alternative learning environment to the traditional high school environment for students. Novak Academy welcomed its first group of students in August of 2008. We began by dividing the school year into five sessions with individualized learning support, providing students the opportunity to finish five semesters of course work. In the first year, Novak Academy helped 25 students reach graduation credits. The second year saw an increase in the number of graduates to 38 students.